Bright Wing Books is dedicated to excellence and beauty in digital publishing, book trailers, and customer relationships.

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We specialize in digital conversion to ePub, mobi, and XML from Word, PDF, InDesign, Pagemaker, and virtually any document format, even from print. We make digital books to the highest production standards. Ebooks are our first love.

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We build creative solutions to connect digital content with readers. We have developed a portable web publishing strategy which is an evolution in digital publishing and a true liberation from devices. Learn more!

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Book Trailers

We offer quality production of video promotional material and book trailers, for a reasonable cost. We work with authors and publishers and produce beautiful videos which are the ideal compliment to your ebook and promotional material.

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At Bright Wing Books you’ll find a team of dedicated professionals who excel at crafting beautiful ebooks and book trailers. They’re not just excellent technicians at the leading edge of digital publishing; they’re also passionate lovers of books and ardent supporters of authors and publishers. They care deeply about their work, they’re consummate professionals in everything they do, and they’re a joy to work with on top of it all.

Principal - Page Two Strategies

After seeing what Kaleeg and his team are capable of, I fired myself from doing ebook conversions and hired Bright Wing instead. Their style sheets are beautiful and their code jumps through every hoop of digital distribution. Kaleeg and his team are accommodating, masterful and lovely people to work with. They’ve saved me countless hours of toil and troubleshooting, and have made the digital publishing side of my job a piece of cake.

Managing Editor - Figure 1 Publishers

Three things to know about us

We put CRAFTSMANSHIP into all our projects

We love the printed book. Every team member at Bright Wing Books has a background in typography, layout, and design for print. We even get geeky about paper too! So, it might seem odd that we are passionate about ebooks. However, we see the ebook not as the poor cousin to print, but its own very special medium. An ebook should be, in Keat’s words, ‘a thing of beauty’ in its own right. After all, we believe that your reader bought the book, and it should be a great experience to read it too! So we put craftsmanship, experience and deep care into all our ebook projects.

We aspire to be your ADVOCATE!

The publishing world is a challenging one! So many ways to produce content and so many places to put it. Writing a book is a major accomplishment, and a publisher’s decision to publish it is a serious commitment. Whether it is making an ebook or a book trailer, Bright Wing Books wants you to know that you have an advocate in us! You are not alone! We have the experience, the tools, and knowledge to help you through every stage of the publishing or video production process. We stand by you, we cheer you on, and there is always a real person to answer your call. Go ahead, give us a call and say hi! 778 874 0198!

We work to your TIMELINE

We know that your ebook or book trailer is often just one part of many other moving parts in the publishing process and that they all need to coalesce somehow into a launch date! Our years of professional experience, working with every part in that process (designers, editors, artists, co-authors, actors, musicians, web developers etc.), mean that we know how to get your project done right and done on time (often early). It’s amazing what some project management know-how will accomplish, but we have the talent and passion too! We like to see our peeps planning their launch rather than fretting about a deadline.

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