We offer quality production of video promotional material and book trailers, for a reasonable cost. We work with authors and publishers and produce beautiful videos to showcase your book!

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Why book trailers?

  • Author′s page

    Place your trailer on your author’s page or your book’s website. The trailer will serve as great introduction to you and your book!

  • Social media

    Use a book trailer on Facebook, Twitter, and all social media sites. A book trailer is the ideal tool to increase shares and views of your book on social media, by about 70%.

  • Media kit

    Use your trailer to accompany your book’s media kit. Overtime you send out the book’s description and cover, you can send the video as a powerful and immediate introduction.

  • A herald

    Use your trailer for books launches, interview openers, and more! A book trailer heralds your book, wherever it goes, providing a great introduction to the book’s subject and the power of your voice.

The kind of book trailers we make

A book trailer gets your book’s signal through the noise. With so many articles, photos, news items, and advertisements choking our attention on social media, a book cover with a book blurb just gets lost. A short, forty to sixty second video, however, is a powerful tool to engage your audience and draw attention to your book. Whether scrolling through a Facebook feed or checking Twitter, Linkedin, or G+, a video trailer will draw a person’s attention immediately, convey a lot of information in a short amount of time, and powerfully express the spirit of your book and subject. We started making trailers because we believe they are the most powerful marketing tool available to authors and publishers.

How we make the trailers with you

This first step is a vital one, and it is all about you. We meet with you and learn about your book, your vision for the trailer, what you feel is the most important message for the video, and more. This is also a time for you to ask all your questions about what we do and how we do it.

Shortly after our first meeting with you, we will put together a proposal to consider. This proposal will include sample video ideas, a very rough story board, a list of what we might need from you, and various ways we find to keep costs down. Of course, we also provide a rate for the project. Lastly, we provide a suggested project schedule.

If you approve the proposal, our very next step is to provide you with a shot by shot storyboard. This usually involves another meeting and it is a chance for you to see in detail, discuss, and make changes to what our creative team has put together for your book trailer.

With our storyboards in place, our scenes mapped out, we go and do the work of timing and editing your trailer. This is the really fun part!

Once we have finished filming, editing, and compiling the trailer, you get your first view of the trailer! Get your popcorn! Your feedback at this point is critical because it will applied to the final version. This initial viewing is meant as a way for you to get a sense of how it all looks and works. It is an exciting moment.

This is best part of the process because this is when we send you the final video files in all the formats you need to use it and showcase your book anywhere on the web and social media. Congratulations! You now have a great promotional tool which will enhance engagement of your book for years to come.

Common FAQs

How much will it all cost?

Whether developing your ebook or making a book trailer, Bright Wings Books wants to be your advocate. Sometimes this means being available for questions and help at every step, sometimes this involves being your cheerleader, but it always involves consideration for your budget. There are lots of ways to reduce the costs of a book trailer without compromising the quality of the production. For instance, we can use stock footage, or draw upon video, sound, and textual resources you may already own or have access to. Give us a call, and let’s see what we can do to make a trailer possible for your book that won’t break your budget.

How long does it take to make a book trailer?

The short answer is that it will take about a month. Yes, we can make your trailer on a tighter schedule, but we would prefer to have as much time as possible so that we don’t feel rushed. You put time, money, and enormous effort into writing your book, and we want to honour that effort with a beautiful and appropriate trailer, which takes time. Ideally, a book trailer would precede a book launch, so if you have a date in mind for that, please tell us right away and we can work to that deadline.

How long will my book trailer be?

The length of your trailer is very important to its success. Too long, and viewers will lose interest quickly before you get your message across. Too short and people will not get a wholistic picture. We usually suggest trailer be no longer than 120 seconds, and no less than 40. We sometimes think of book trailers like sonnets – short, disciplined, and powerful  – rather than a long poem. In such a short format, every image, every word, every second counts. This requires enormous creativity and care for details, since we don’t want one element out of place. Every shot supports the whole, and the whole can be grasped in a single shot.

I don′t live in Vancouver or Nelson. Can I still work with you for my trailer?

Absolutely! We have an extensive list of affiliate crews in most cities and we are always developing more contacts. If your trailer needs some local filming, we will provide our affiliate professionals with all the direction they need to get the footage we need.

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