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Bright Wing Books uses #Slack as our content management system and client support area. Slack is ideal for our team and we think you will like it to. We are able to communicate directly, in real time if need be, and to transfer files back and forth. In addition, the entire exchange is archived and files can be retrieved at any time.

If you are a new client, or want to be one, you can request access to your private Slack channel by providing your name, email, and project title in this form. We will set you up with a private work space with us. Questions? Call or email. Always to good to hear from you.

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Cheques payable to:
Bright Wing Books
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Kaleeg Hainsworth

Kaleeg is the Principal of Bright Wing Books. He is the author of An Altar in the Wilderness (RMB, 14), a student of ecology, a dad of three, lover of poetry, speaker, outdoorsman, and more. You can learn more about Kaleeg on his blog.