We specialize in digital conversion to ePub, mobi, and XML from Word, PDF, InDesign, Pagemaker, and virtually any document format, even from print. Ebooks are our first love…

We want to start off by offering our

Most likely, you have clicked through to this page because you have finished a book! If you’re a publisher, then you’ve taken a big step accepting a manuscript, and have invested time, energy, and money into producing it for publication. If you are an independent author, you have accomplished a major feat – you wrote a book! There is no denying the hard work and dedication it has taken you, whether publisher or author, to get to this point… so, congratulations are in order!

The kind of ebooks we make

Our ebooks are handcrafted. We are meticulous about the code, the document structure, and the accuracy of our conversions. We adjust our style sheets so that they are crafted to enhance the layout, and we want all our ebooks to render and scale accurately on all platforms, whether old or new. We want to make beautiful ebooks because we believe your book is worth it. You put heart and soul into writing a book because you believed it needed to be done. It is this act of courage and strength that we want to honour in crafting your ebook.

Beautiful on all devices

Our eBooks will render properly on all devices, from desktops to tablets and dedicated ereaders. We will work closely with the author or editor to ensure that the books are error free before distribution to the stores. If there is a problem discovered at any time after publication which exists as a result of our conversion, we will fix the error free of charge.

Clean and Industry-standard

Some eBooks are created quickly or with little interest in a cleanly coded file. The Bright Wing team is dedicated to producing books which have clean and well-formatted code. We use ePub 3, however, we also build backwards compatibility into all our books. We can guarantee that your books will be produced with the highest standards in digital production.

Other kinds of ebooks we make

Enhanced Ebooks

Enhanced ebooks are an emerging publication medium fuelled by the advent of the ePub 3 code standards. Enhanced ebooks usually have sound, video, and interactive elements built into the book, allowing readers to read, hear voice or music tracks embedded right in the book, or have interactive videos. For instance, if you have written a book on small engine mechanics, then you might want to include a short video as an embedded file in your text flow so that you can show first hand what part of the engine you are referring to. The possibilities are endless, and Bright Wing Books is very interested in exploring those possibilities with you. Please contact us for details.

Fixed Layout Books

We can also produce fixed-layout ebooks. A fixed-layout ebook will render your book in an ereader without reflowing the content. These books are especially useful if you are publishing a children’s book or any book with many illustrations or an extremely complex layout. Fixed-layout ebooks are ideal for iPads and later generation ereaders because they can also have built in interactive features. A fixed-layout ebook involves careful document preparation, extensive mark-up and testing, and careful layout and image sampling. If your fixed-layout ebook will have audio, narration, or video, then the process is that much more extensive. As such, a fixed-layout book will be more expensive to produce than a standard, re-flowable book. Please contact usfor details.

After seeing what Kaleeg and his team are capable of, I fired myself from doing ebook conversions and hired Bright Wing instead. Their style sheets are beautiful and their code jumps through every hoop of digital distribution. Kaleeg and his team are accommodating, masterful and lovely people to work with. They’ve saved me countless hours of toil and troubleshooting, and have made the digital publishing side of my job a piece of cake.

Managing Editor - Figure 1 Publishers

I sought out the best interior and cover designer for my non-fiction book. Only then did it occur to me that I should do the same for the e-book, if I wanted to retain the personality and unique design of the interior pages. Enter Bright Wing Books and my introduction to the full potential of the e-book reading experience. More than simply the creation of a digital file, the Game Face e-book is the full typographic expression of a fairly complex layout with ease and flow of text. In the end, my experience was both inspiring and highly rewarding. Full credit goes to the guidance, deft touch and dedication of the e-book specialists at Bright Wing.

Bodine Williams
Author of Game Face: Mastering the Media Interview - bodinewilliams.com

Bright Wing Books made my ebook project come alive.  I am a complete newbie to the format, and while I did have much to learn about the genre, the folks at Bright Wing Books made it a painless experience.  Kaleeg and his team are delightful, and thanks to their knowledgeable and efficient service, I have a product that I will share with pride.

Jemma Helene
Author - French Lessons blog

I am writing to thank the Bright Wing Books team for the amazing ebook conversion they performed for me. I was very nervous about the process as this was my first foray into the world of publication. As a writer of fiction venturing into the world of ebooks, this was a scenario fraught with danger. Enter the Bright Wing team, who, led by Kaleeg, made the process easy and manageable. Bright Wing’s team were supportive when the pressures of editing, cover design, and placing illustrative work throughout the text began to feel a little overwhelming. My book contained around thirty illustrations. The Bright Wing team handled this element of the conversion with no trouble whatsoever. I also would like to highlight the fact that the team dealt brilliantly with the fact that each writer has a special connection with their own work and that the need for exactitude regarding all design aspects can be a little demanding. The Bright Wing team are patient, knowledgeable and highly proficient. I would recommend them highly to anyone wanting a painless interaction and a professional finish.

Daniel Nunn
Author - The Huffy Touch

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